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Within Her Eyes Resource Pack

Within Her Eyes Resource Pack


The pack provides teachers with clearly presented, detailed information that is ready to deliver to pupils.



Please note: This product will be shipped the w/c 23 September. 

This is the only Within Her Eyes resource pack endorsed by James Cousins Company and was created to be ready to teach, complementing the AQA dance sylabus. It also features invaluable personal insights from James and the dancers on the communication of the dance idea.


The pack includes:

  • A detailed breakdown of the costume, performance environment, lighting, use of camera and accompaniment for each section with clear links to the choreographic intention.

  • A comprehensive analysis of the movement components in all sections, highlighting actions, space, dynamics and relationship with clear links to the choreographic intention. 

  • Ideas for practical tasks to help students understand the work as well as developing choreographic and contact skills to apply to the practical tasks for the GCSE. Includes objectives and success criteria for each task.

  • Insights from the choreographer and dancers to help students understand the choreographic process and the skills needed to perform the piece.

  • Pupil worksheets on physical setting, costume, dance for camera, choreographic devices, physical and expressive skills and movement analysis. 

  • Images from the film to support teaching the work.

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